Division of Catalysis Science and Technology: Call for Abstracts

Submission Deadline: Monday, November 7, 2016

Program Chair(s): Eranda Nikolla, Susannah Scott

Note: Submission deadlines are at 11:59 EST on the day posted. Symposia, organizers and deadlines are subject to change. Last updated May 28, 2020.

Title    Type    Submission Type Organizer Cosponsor Description
Poster Session Poster
    Advanced X-Ray Techniques for Catalyst Characterization Oral
    • PHYS
    X-ray methods, primarily those at synchrotron light sources, have become essential for providing ins...
    Amorphous Catalytic Materials Oral
      Much of our current understanding of catalytic activity has been achieved by recourse to materials w...
      General Papers Oral
        Light-Driven Chemistry: Photoelectrochemistry & Photocatalysis Oral
        • INOR
        • I&EC
        • ENFL
        • COLL
        This symposium will include invited and contributed speakers and will span fundamental and applied a...
        Operando Methodology at the Junction between Fundamental Chemistry & Chemical Engineering Oral
        • I&EC
        • ENVR
        This symposium addresses progress in operando methodology by its interaction with two complementary ...
        Single-Site Heterogeneous Catalysts Oral
          Synthesis of Catalysts by Non-Traditional Methods Oral
          • INOR
          • COLL
          Alternative methods for the preparation of supported catalysts have recently evolved. Better control...
          Catalytic Conversion of Lignocellulosic Biomass to Fuels, Chemicals & Materials Oral
          • ENFL
          • CARB
          Homogeneous and heterogeneous chemical catalysis represent current methods of choice for transformin...
          Designed Catalysis: Materials Genome Approach to Heterogeneous Processes Oral
          • COMP
          The symposium will focus on a vision towards understanding state of the art in Catalyst Genome Disco...
          Electrocatalysis for Energy Generation & Storage Oral
          • ENFL
          Papers focused on fundamentals and applications of electrocatalysis for energy conversion are invite...
          Elucidation of Mechanisms & Kinetics on Surfaces Oral
          • ENVR
          • COLL
          Evaluation of kinetics and mechanisms of individual reactions or reaction networks on surfaces lies ...
          ACS Award in Surface Chemistry: Symposium in honor of Cynthia M. Friend Oral
          • WCC
          • COLL