Division of Agricultural and Food Chemistry: Call for Papers

Submission Deadline: Monday, March 18, 2019

Program Chair(s): Liangli Yu, Xuetong Fan

Note: Submission deadlines are at 11:59 EST on the day posted. Symposia, organizers and deadlines are subject to change. Last updated February 18, 2019.

Title    Type    Submission Type Organizer Cosponsor Description
Agnes Rimando Memorial International Student Symposium Oral Contributed
  • AGRO
Agnes Rimando Memorial Symposium in honor of the Scientist & International Ambassador of Agricultural and Food Chemistry Oral Contributed
    Chemistry & Utilization of Agro-Based Materials Oral Contributed
    • AGRO
    Edible Functional Food Packaging from Agricultural Biomacromolecules Oral Contributed
    • AGRO
    Food Bioactives: Chemistry & Health Effects Oral Contributed
    • AGRO
    Food Phenolics: From Bitterness & Astringency to Health-Promoting Properties Oral Contributed
      Functional Foods: The Chemistry, Bioactivity, Bioavailability, & Biomarkers of Dietary Phytochemicals Oral Contributed
        General Papers Oral Contributed
            General Papers Poster Contributed
                Innovative Approaches to Enhancing Food Safety & Reducing Food Waste Oral Contributed
                • AGRO
                Metals & Trace Elements in Food Safety, Health & Food Quality Oral Contributed
                • AGRO
                Nanotechnology Applications for Food & Agriculture Oral Contributed
                • AGRO
                Novel Structures from Food Biopolymers for Delivery of Bioactive Components Oral Contributed
                  Nutrition, Diet, Functional Foods in Health Oral Contributed
                    Proposition 65 on Food Safety Oral Contributed
                    • AGRO
                    Teaching & Learning Food Chemistry & Analysis Oral Contributed
                      The Chemistry Of Aged Beer And Spirits Oral Contributed
                        The Flavor of Water: Chemistry, Quality, & Sensory Oral Contributed
                        • AGRO
                        The Role of the Microbiome in Mediating Health Effects of Dietary Components Oral Contributed