Division of Chemical Education: Call for Abstracts

Submission Deadline: Monday, October 29, 2018

Program Chair(s): Amy Cannon, Deborah Bromfield-Lee, Irvin Levy

Note: Submission deadlines are at 11:59 EST on the day posted. Symposia, organizers and deadlines are subject to change. Last updated August 6, 2020.

Title    Type    Submission Type Organizer Cosponsor Description
Underrepresented Minority Groups in Chemistry Education Oral Contributed
    Many chemistry educators are interested in the differential impacts of curricula and activities on s...
    Undergraduate Research Posters Poster Contributed
    • SOCED
    • AGFD
    Undergraduate Research Posters Poster Contributed
    • SOCED
    • ANYL
    Undergraduate Research Posters Poster Contributed
    • SOCED
    • BIOL
    Undergraduate Research Posters Poster Contributed
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    • BIOT
    Undergraduate Research Posters Poster Contributed
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    Undergraduate Research Posters Poster Contributed
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    Undergraduate Research Posters Poster Contributed
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    • COMP
    Undergraduate Research Posters Poster Contributed
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    Undergraduate Research Posters Poster Contributed
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    Undergraduate Research Posters Poster Contributed
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    Undergraduate Research Posters Poster Contributed
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    Undergraduate Research Posters Poster Contributed
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    Undergraduate Research Papers Oral Contributed
      UN Sustainable Development Goals: Unique Opportunities for the Chemical Enterprise Oral Contributed
      • CEI
      The 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a framework to fundamentally change our world...
      Transforming the Undergraduate Chemistry Laboratory to Teach Transferable Skills & Develop Young Scientists Oral Contributed
      • ANYL
      The ACS Guidelines for Bachelor's degree programs place a substantial emphasis on preparing students...
      Training Professional Teaching Assistants Oral Contributed
        There’s an App for That Oral Contributed
          How are you using technology to teach chemistry? Are you Turning “it” in, EduCreating, Blackboardi...
          Successful Student Chapters Poster Contributed
          • SOCED
          Students as Informal Educators: Student use of NISE Net Explore Science: Let's Do Chemistry Kits Oral Contributed
            A major goal of the American Chemical Society’s participation in the International Year of the Per...
            Strategies Promoting Success of Two-Year College Students Oral Contributed
            • CTA
            Nearly half of all undergraduate students enroll in a two-year college and many STEM students take t...
            Sci-Mix Poster Contributed
              Revamping Practical Chemistry Teaching for the New Frontier Oral Invited
              • RUBB
              • PMSE
              • POLY
              Discovering ways to put more practical application and STEM into the Chemistry classroom will provid...
              Research on Learning in the Laboratory Oral Contributed
                While most chemists agree that laboratory work is an important part of science courses, until recent...
                Research in Community Colleges: New Frontiers in Chemical Education Oral Contributed
                  Community colleges are pipelines for science and engineering, with more than 40% of students earning...
                  Research in Chemistry Education Oral Contributed
                    This symposium provides a broad forum for chemistry education research (CER) including but not limit...
                    Process-Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL) Oral Contributed
                      Porphyrins & Related Macrocycles in Undergraduate Teaching & Research Oral Contributed
                        This symposium would feature presentations from faculty at 2-year and 4-year colleges as well as ins...
                        PolyEd: Incorporating Polymer Chemistry in Undergraduate & High School Curricula Oral Contributed
                        • POLY
                        A showcase of learning modules, lab exercises, and pedagogical frameworks for adding polymer chemist...
                        Perspectives on Climate Change Literacy & Education: Local to International  Oral Contributed
                        • CEI
                        Climate change literacy and education is one of four actions highlighted in the ACS Public Policy St...
                        Observing & Measuring Classroom Instructional Practices Oral Contributed
                          As national movements encourage more faculty to adopt research based instruction, there is a growing...
                          NMR Spectroscopy in the Undergraduate Curriculum Oral Contributed
                            With the increasing availability of nuclear magnetic resonance instruments at the undergraduate leve...
                            New Frontiers in Chemical Communication Oral Contributed
                              How chemistry is communicated to an audience is key to engaging that audience in the material. Somet...
                              New Frontiers for Chemical Education: Digital & Online Tools for Learning Oral Contributed
                                With an ever growing dependence on technology, it is vital that resources being used in and out of t...
                                Nanotechnology in Undergraduate Education & Research Oral Contributed
                                  The subject of this symposium is the implementation of nanomaterials in undergraduate education in t...
                                  Mastery & Adaptive Learning Oral Contributed
                                    This symposium will focus on the role of mastery learning in chemical education as provided by adapt...
                                    International Perspectives on Chemistry Education & Olympiads Oral Contributed
                                    • IAC
                                    The chemistry classroom varies widely with a wide variety of chemistry education practices such as a...
                                    GSSPC: Artificial Molecular Machines & the Next Generation of Molecular Control Oral Invited
                                    • ORGN
                                    Green Chemistry Student Chapters: Stories of Success Oral Invited
                                      The Green Chemistry Award has quickly become one of the most sought after accolades for ACS student ...
                                      Green Chemistry as a Pillar of Safety Education Oral Contributed
                                        The aim of green chemistry is to reduce chemical hazardous impacts on human health and the environme...
                                        Green & Sustainable Chemistry Theory & Practice: Chemistry for New Frontiers Oral Contributed
                                        • CEI
                                        This symposium will engage and inform the CHED community on recent advances in green and sustainable...
                                        General Posters Poster Contributed
                                            General Papers Oral Contributed
                                              Fundamentals of Chemistry Outreach Education: From Program Design to Assessment Oral Contributed
                                              • SOCED
                                              • LSAC
                                              • YCC
                                              • CCA
                                              This symposium will provide a unique forum to exchange ideas on innovative approaches to the design,...
                                              Extending the Reach of Outreach Oral Contributed
                                                Scientific communication and outreach is more important than ever, and new approaches, projects, and...
                                                Experiential Learning Oral Contributed
                                                  The symposium will focus on the integration of experiential/service learning into the classroom, esp...
                                                  Enhancing Chemical Education with 3-D Printing Oral Contributed
                                                    Digital modelling, coupled with 3D fabrication continues to provide access to unique and exciting ap...
                                                    Engaging Undergraduates with Raman Spectroscopy Oral Contributed
                                                      Presentations will discuss methods to integrate Raman spectroscopy into the curriculum and strategie...
                                                      Designs to Improve Learning Outcomes in an Allied-Health Chemistry Course Oral Contributed
                                                        An allied-health targeted General, Organic, and Biological (GOB) Chemistry course, designed primaril...
                                                        Curricular Innovations in Undergraduate Chemical Education Impacted by NSF Oral Invited
                                                          The Symposium will feature speakers whose projects have been funded both within and outside of the D...
                                                          Core Ideas, Crosscutting Concepts & Science Practices: Three-Dimensional Learning in Chemistry Oral Contributed
                                                            According to the Next Generation Science Standards, three-dimensional learning involves the interact...
                                                            Coexistence of Joy, Motivation, & Learning in Chemistry Classrooms Oral Contributed
                                                              Chemistry courses play an essential role in many students' education and, in turn, their life, no ma...
                                                              Chemistry Teachers Day Program Oral Invited
                                                                Chemistry Olympiads: Training to Win Oral Contributed
                                                                  This symposium is offered on behalf of the DivCHED International Activities Committee to better unde...
                                                                  Chemistry Education Research: Graduate Student Forum Oral Contributed
                                                                    This symposium has a long history of being a great platform for graduate students to present their w...
                                                                    Chemistry at the Land Grant Institutions Oral Contributed
                                                                      The Morrill Acts of 1862 and 1890 established Land Grant institutions that focus on teaching agricul...
                                                                      Chemistry & Our Common Future: 2019 George C. Pimentel Award Symposium in Honor of Cathy Middlecamp Oral Invited
                                                                        Our Common Future, published in 1987 by the UN World Commission on Environment and Development, was ...
                                                                        Bridging the Divide: Relating Chemistry to Biology & the Humanities Oral Contributed
                                                                          This symposium will highlight efforts by chemistry faculty to relate chemistry to other disciplines....
                                                                          Analysis of Current Trends that Support Preparing General Chemistry Students for New Frontiers Oral Contributed
                                                                            Have you seen reproducible trends of general chemistry students’ performance in your classes over t...
                                                                            Alternative Curriculum Models for Teaching Physical Chemistry Oral Contributed
                                                                            • PHYS
                                                                            Even though the Committee on Professional Training (CPT) guidelines for upper level coursework were ...
                                                                            Advancing Undergraduate Research in Chemistry: Best Practices for New Frontiers Oral Contributed
                                                                              In collaboration with the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR), we invite submissions that descri...
                                                                              Advances in e-Learning, Digital Learning & Online Education Oral Contributed
                                                                                Online learning, blended learning, e-learning, and the development of online courses, content, learn...
                                                                                Active Learning in Organic Chemistry Oral Contributed
                                                                                  Multiple studies have shown the use of active learning pedagogies in the classroom result in positiv...
                                                                                  ACS-CEI Award for Incorporation of Sustainability into Chemistry Education Oral Invited
                                                                                  • CEI
                                                                                  ACS Award for Achievement in Research for the Teaching & Learning of Chemistry Oral Invited