Division of Polymeric Materials Science and Engineering: Call for Abstracts

Submission Deadline: Friday, April 7, 2017

Program Chair(s): Chad Snyder, Bradley Olsen, Xinqiao Jia, Matthew Becker, Alexander Norman

Note: Submission deadlines are at 11:59 EST on the day posted. Symposia, organizers and deadlines are subject to change. Last updated July 6, 2020.

Title    Type    Submission Type Organizer Cosponsor Description
Joint PMSE/POLY Poster Session Poster Contributed
  • POLY
Sci-Mix Poster Contributed
    1D Nanomaterials: Synthesis, Assembly, Properties & Applications Oral Contributed
      Biomaterials Science & Translational Medicine Oral Contributed
        Dynamic Chemistry in Polymer Materials Oral Contributed
          Eastman Chemical Student Award in Applied Polymer Science Oral Invited
            Gels & Other Soft Amorphous Solids Oral Contributed
              General Papers/New Concepts in Polymeric Materials Oral Contributed
                Journal of Polymer Science Award: Symposium in honor of Luis Campos Oral Invited
                  Memorial Symposium in honor of Les Sperling Oral Contributed
                    Polyelectrolyte Coacervates, Precipitates & Multilayers Oral Contributed
                      Polyphosphazenes in Biomedicine, Engineering & Pioneering Synthesis Oral Contributed
                      • POLY
                      Recombinant Type Materials Oral Contributed
                      • BIOT
                      Roy W. Tess Award: Symposium in honor of Stuart Croll Oral Invited
                        Simulations of Polymeric Materials: Molecular- to Macro-Scale Oral Contributed
                          Synthesis, Self-Assembly & Applications of Peptides & Polypeptides Oral Contributed
                            Polymers for Aerospace Applications: Celebrating the Lifetime Contributions of Charles Lee Oral Invited
                            • POLY
                            Materials for Patterning in Two & Three Dimensions Oral Contributed