Division of Chemical Education: Call for Papers

Submission Deadline: Monday, March 26, 2018

Program Chair(s): Anderson Marsh, Deborah Bromfield-Lee, Patrick Daubenmire

Note: Submission deadlines are at 11:59 EST on the day posted. Symposia, organizers and deadlines are subject to change. Last updated April 21, 2018.

Title    Type    Submission Type Organizer Cosponsor Description
What are Undergraduates Learning about Nanoscience & Nanotechnology? (Oral) Oral Contributed
    Nanoscience and nanotechnology are pervasive in society through applications that range from cell ph...
    Use of Computer Simulation to Teach Chemical Kinetics & Enzyme Kinetics in Undergraduate Research & Education (Oral) Oral Contributed
    • BIOL
    • COMP
    Chemical and enzyme kinetics are typically taught at the undergraduate level by deriving equations t...
    Undergraduate Research Posters: Polymer Chemistry (Poster) Poster Contributed
    • POLY
    • SOCED
    • PMSE
    Undergraduate Research Posters: Physical Chemistry (Poster) Poster Contributed
    • SOCED
    Undergraduate Research Posters: Organic Chemistry (Poster) Poster Contributed
    • SOCED
    Undergraduate Research Posters: Nanochemistry (Poster) Poster Contributed
    • SOCED
    Undergraduate Research Posters: Medicinal Chemistry (Poster) Poster Contributed
    • MEDI
    • SOCED
    Undergraduate Research Posters: Inorganic Chemistry (Poster) Poster Contributed
    • INOR
    • SOCED
    Undergraduate Research Posters: Green Chemistry & Sustainability (Poster) Poster Contributed
    • CEI
    • SOCED
    Undergraduate Research Posters: Environmental Chemistry (Poster) Poster Contributed
    • ENVR
    • SOCED
    Undergraduate Research Posters: Computational Chemistry (Poster) Poster Contributed
    • COMP
    • SOCED
    Undergraduate Research Posters: Colloid and Surface Chemistry (Poster) Poster Contributed
    • COLL
    • SOCED
    Undergraduate Research Posters: Chemical Education (Poster) Poster Contributed
    • SOCED
    Undergraduate Research Posters: Biotechnology (Poster) Poster Contributed
    • BIOT
    • SOCED
    Undergraduate Research Posters: Biochemistry (Poster) Poster Contributed
    • BIOL
    • SOCED
    Undergraduate Research Posters: Analytical Chemistry (Poster) Poster Contributed
    • ANYL
    • SOCED
    Undergraduate Research Posters: Agricultural & Food Chemistry (Poster) Poster Contributed
    • AGFD
    • SOCED
    Undergraduate Research Papers (Oral) Oral Contributed
    • SOCED
    Successful Student Chapters (Poster) Poster Contributed
    • SOCED
    State-of-the-Art: From Making Nanomaterials to Understanding Their Global Impact (Invited)(Oral) Oral Invited
      Science Diplomacy & Chemistry Education (Oral) Oral Contributed
      • IAC
      Outreach to students, teachers, chemistry professionals, and the general public usually takes place ...
      Research in Chemistry Education (Oral) Oral Contributed
        This symposium provides a broad forum for chemistry education research (CER) including but not limit...
        Process-Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL)(Oral) Oral Contributed
          Informal STEM Education: Innovation & Collaboration (Oral) Oral Contributed
            Informal science education (ISE) is a growing venue for chemists to engage the public about their re...
            GSSPC: Frontiers in Computational Chemistry: Bridging the Gap Between Theory & Experiment (Invited)(Oral) Oral Invited
            • COMP
            Our symposium, titled “Frontiers in Computational Chemistry: Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Ex...
            Green Chemistry Theory & Practice: Nanoscience, Nanotechnology & Beyond (Oral) Oral Contributed
            • CEI
            This symposium will engage and inform the CHED community on recent advances in green and sustainable...
            General Posters (Posters) Poster Contributed
              General Papers (Oral) Oral Contributed
                From Nano to Macro: How to Let Students Discover the Applications of Materials (Invited)(Oral) Oral Invited
                  Using the ideas of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), see how to incorporate many activit...
                  Facilitating Student Success in General Chemistry I Laboratory (Oral) Oral Contributed
                    A student's first semester in college chemistry is often a challenging experience, and this includes...
                    CUR Transformations Project: Introductory Chemistry (Oral) Oral Contributed
                      The goal of the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) Transformations Project is to integrate and ...
                      Citizens First! Using Real-World Contexts for Engaging Students in Learning Chemistry (Oral) Oral Contributed
                      • CEI
                      The title of this symposium acknowledges that ALL of our general chemistry students are citizens. Y...
                      Chemistry Teachers Program (Invited)(Oral) Oral Invited
                        Celebrating the Success of an Exchange Program for German & American Chemistry Students (Invited)(Oral) Oral Invited
                        • YCC
                        This half-day symposium will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the inception of an exchange program ...
                        Approaches in Using Food and Cooking to Engage Diverse Audiences in Science (Oral) Oral Contributed
                          This symposium will address using food and cooking as a way to teach chemistry and related subjects....
                          Alternate Assessment Methods (Oral) Oral Contributed
                            Are you tired of grading assignments where students are not presenting their best work? Do you link ...